ABATE legislative, Oregon
One of the main pillars of our mission statement – fair and reasonable legislation in Oregon Law for motorcyclists.  ABATE has a Political Action Committee (BikePac) which focuses your voice as an Oregonian directly into the State Legislature.

For more info, please see the full BikePac web site at —>  THIS LINK.
BikePac of Oregon is an all-volunteer political action committee funded entirely through annual memberships and donations from A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon and other concerned individuals and groups.

FREE MONEY TO FURTHER YOUR RIGHTS AS A MOTORCYCLIST!  OREGON RESIDENTS – DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR DONATION TO BIKEPAC IS A TAX CREDIT ON YOUR OREGON TAX RETURN?!  That’s right – You can reduce the amount you owe on your Oregon Income Tax return by up to $50 for individuals and $100 for couples filing jointly!  This is not a “write-off – it’s BETTER.  You get 100% of this donation back from the state of Oregon when you file (again, up to $50 individual and $100 jointly.)
All funds from the button below will go directly to the BikePac Legislative Account

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